Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) Strategic Plan

ECN Strategic Planning Meeting will be held in Chaska, MN on  March 8-9th, 2018

Each Region may designate 5 attendees

Suggested Attendees:
  1. End Users
  2. PSAP Managers
  3. Fiscal and Policy
  4. Technical and IT Departments
  5. Elected Official

The Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) is responsible for providing Minnesota residents and public safety responders with multiple and reliable means of communications before, during and after emergencies. This strategic plan will outline the SECB’s priorities and funding strategies to:

  1. Ensure advances in technology will be implemented to enhance the ability for all residents to call for help.
  2. Provide confidence that responders in every corner of the state have the ability to communicate with each other during every public safety incident.
  3. Enable all counties to effectively alert and warn residents and visitors of impending danger.

The SECB provides leadership to set the vision, priorities and technical roadmap for interoperable communications across the state.

Public safety stakeholders, including law enforcement, fire, emergency medical, emergency management, technology experts, state agencies, health care systems, elected officials, a subset of the SECB and legislative staff, provided input for this plan.

Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Regional Leadership Meeting Documents