Appointment Forms for Membership

Please Note:  Forms must be completed with all Delegates and Alternates listed. Partially completed forms will be treated as a removal of any Delegate/Alternate that is not listed on the new form.

Use this form to appoint members to the ESB Board and RAC, Logger, O&O, EMAC and NG911 Committees. Please complete both Delegate and Alternate areas on the form.

User Committee

Use this form to appoint up to 5 members to the User Committee.

According to the User Committee Bylaws, Discipline = Law enforcement, fire suppression, rescue, EMS, public works, emergency services and other public safety related activities. Not more than 2 appointees from each party may be from the same discipline. On 10/19/2017, the User Committee created a Dispatch category. Please list all the members appointed by your agency on the form.

Print form on Agency Letterhead

Letterhead Example

JPA - Article II - Section 2:

JPA Appointment

Board and Committee Membership Attendance